Best Eco-Friendly Wooden Toys For 4 Year Olds (2022)

Giving a 4-year old child some eco-friendly wooden toys can be tricky. You know he/she is not yet ready for the complex toys. But on the other hand, the child who is going to school won’t be satisfied with those simple blocks and cars anymore. The best thing to do here is to think before buying anything. So, what could be the best wooden toys for a 4-year-old toddler? We have some suggestions here, have a look.

  • Wooden play sets: These are great for kids. Remember how we used to play for hours with our tiny kitchen sets? These toys are timeless wonders, and most children enjoy them. Even naughty little boys can remain busy for hours when they get their hands on a good toy set.
  • Dress-up dolls with wooden doll house & furniture: This is a great toy for your little princess. Girl dolls with changeable outfit sets are very enjoyable to little girls, because they can identify themselves with them. You may also watch them treat their dolls as their own daughters and showering them with maternal love. This could be an emotionally satisfying experience to you as well.
  • Wooden frisbee: Small frisbees are great toys for 4-year old kids. All they need is someone to play with and they can stay busy for a long time. Go for brightly colored frisbees with bright motifs on them. This will make your kids feel even more attracted towards these wonderful toys.
  • Wooden board games: These are great for 4-year olds. Scrabble, Bagatelle and Monopoly are some of the perfect choices. These will not only keep your child busy, he/she will also discover the enjoyment in playing with others. Moreover, these games will accelerate the learning process by enhancing the ability to form words and calculate easy mathematical problems in the head.
  • Wooden pattern cards: These are ideal toys for children of around 4-years age. Pattern cards help little kids understand the significance of putting things in order to solve problems. Great for these early years.
  • Organic plushie toys with wooden balls & strings: Oh, these are just great for kids. These can serve as toys and also double up as pillows or blankets. Get some in non-toxic fibers and exciting colors and your kid is sure to enjoy those for long hours.

These wooden toys are great for kids who are around 4 years old. Get them some of these today and watch their little faces light up with joy. Read More

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