Best Fun & Educational Wooden Xylophone Toy For Kids & Toddlers In 2022

When it comes to your baby, toys should be of the highest quality and combine education with fun! Finding good infant toys can be a little problematic, though, when you consider the fact that not only should they be enjoyable and educational, they should also be safe. Whether you are buying a gift for a niece or a nephew, or you are looking for something for your own son or daughter, make sure that you only purchase toys that you know are safe.

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Wooden xylophone toy baby

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Vintage wooden toy xylophone

Wooden xylophone instrument with sound

Caterpillar xylophone

Hape pound/tap bench with hammer

Wooden toys for babies are one way to make sure that your child does not have issues with small parts. With wooden toys, you also know that they will be durable; unlike plastic toys, they will not splinter or break into smaller parts. When you are looking for infant toys, one of the best toys you can start out with are wooden blocks. Far from being old-fashioned or simple, wooden blocks facilitate all sorts of developmental baby games. You’ll find that your child is practicing hand-eye coordination as well as building up fine motor control when he or she builds up the blocks. You also foster a sense of creativity and industry when you buy your baby a set of blocks. Some blocks even come with painted letter designs, allowing your child to become familiar with the alphabet and with the written language.

Wooden puzzles are another way that baby toys can be educational. Think about large bulky wooden puzzle pieces. They’ll be a lot harder to lose and a great deal less frustrating for your child than smaller, more fragile cardboard puzzles. This is an excellent way to begin working with children when it comes to logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Every child loves the end result of the finished puzzle and you can be sure that yours will enjoy having you help them put it together.

When looking for educational baby toys, also take a look at soft toys. Babies naturally gravitate towards soft toys, especially if they are colorful, and this is a great time to start teaching your child about colors. One wonderful toy for a baby is a set of stuffed trucks and cars. You can have your child start to identify these things as well as work with him or her colors and different sizes. Soft toys are also usually a good idea for children because they can’t hurt themselves on them. Your baby will be able to play as roughly as they please without the risk of having those toys break. Similarly, you can find soft toys that your child can build with, or that she can stack. Like the wooden toys mentioned above, she will be learning fine motor control and in the case of the soft toys, there will be less chance that she will injure herself on a sharp edge.

When you are looking for baby toys, remember that education and fun are not mutually exclusive. Check out more ideas on and come up with your own developmental baby games!

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