19+ Best Sea Life & Under The Ocean Wooden Toys For Toddlers (2022)

Do your kids love the ocean and everything in it? If so, they’ll love these wooden sea animal toys!

The underwater world is a great place to explore and have fun with imaginative play. Sea turtle, dolphin, flying fish, seal, crab, whale, hermit crab, puffin, penguin and seagull – There is a variety of beautiful wooden sea creatures toys that represent different animals from the bottom of the sea. They have everything your children might want to play and learn without having to dive deep into the ocean.

These sea creature animal toys are the perfect size for small hands. They also look pretty as home decor or for hanging on walls. This is a great addition to any playroom or bedroom.

Here are two of my favorite classic wooden sea life toys:

Wooden Toy Lobster

As the lobster is pulled, his claws move up and down. Small pegs on the interior of the wheels hit the claws as the wheels turn, causing them to snap up and fall back down.


Wooden Toy Lobsters

    The five different lobsters fit into their respective space on the puzzle board.

Wooden Shark Toys

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✅ Best Wooden Baby Shark Singing Puzzle

A FUN WAY TO RECOGNIZE SHAPES – It’s a puzzle that plays music! This colorful toy rewards little ones for fitting the sharks in the correct spaces by playing the super-catchy Baby Shark song. Jump in—the water’s just fine.

Wooden Dolphin Toys

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✅ Best Wooden Sea Animals Nesting Dolls

Premium Quality Very Detailed Painting – Great colors and Quality product. Your Kid loves it! Set of 5 Dolphin, Whale, Seahorse Wooden Sea Animals Nesting Dolls.

Wooden Orca Toys

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✅ Best Wooden Sea Life Animal Figurines

Good Quality – These are really nice. Did struggle to open second one (walrus )but got it thanks to instructions that came with it. The wooden dolls, designed to look like ocean animals, each decrease in size and fit inside one another.

Wooden Whale Toys

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✅ Best Wooden Toys Baby Whale Walker

Sturdy and beautiful walker trolley – Super nice walker. Easy and quick to assemble. Beautiful workmanship and great fun for your son… The one who is actually too young to play with. Very happy when he walks on it. Awesome!.

Wooden Seal Toys

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✅ Best Wooden Seal Toy

Perfectly – Holtztiger wooden toys are both beautiful and durable, true heirlooms. Very chic! Well made and looks just great. Wonderfully stable and ok in terms of price.

Wooden Fish Toys

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✅ Best Wooden Fishing Game Toy For Toddlers

Hours of toddler fun! – Fun never stops with our wooden fishing game! This interactive fishing toy is a great learning opportunity for toddlers ages 3+, allowing your child to develop important skills and aptitudes. It’s been a great activity for them to work on many skills. Pieces are all very durable and the magnet is still working.

Wooden Sea Turtles Toys

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✅ Best Wooden Turtle With Swirling Shell Pull Toddler Toy

Delightful and well made toy – This is a really fun and well built toy. It’s just darling the way his back end wiggles like an actual crocodile. But much cuter. The alligator does a cute little swivel across the ground and the string seems to be a good length for a toddler.

Wooden Star Fish Toys

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✅ Best Wooden Star Fish Toys

Well made Wooden bath toys – Love how these toys are wood and beautifully made, very solid and study, and vibrant colors. Games really well done, well-groomed, controlled and above all beautiful. The invoice means that they are, evidently, made to last.

Wooden Lobster Toys

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✅ Best 3D Puzzle Lobster Wood Craft Construction Model Kit

THE LOBSTER WOODEN PUZZLE COMES WITH A UNIQUE DESIGN YOU WILL LOVE – Be proud to display your assembled Lobster model share the love for sea creatures with your loved ones! Ideal for kids & adults with a passion for biology & love for oceanic species. This instructional Lobster 3D wood puzzle is part of our Ocean Life collection. It features realistic and intricate details that will surely help kids & teens learn more about these fantastic and interesting creatures in a fun and entertaining way!

Wooden Sea Horse Toys

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✅ Best Puzzle Art Sea Horse Jigsaw Puzzle

The expected, good quality – This puzzle is very hard to do…the pieces are small and alot of them are the same cut – so just because it fits somewhere. It is as described, perhaps a little more difficult to compose than it may seem in principle, given that the drawing is very similar in some areas, the pieces very small and irregular.

Wooden Coral Reef Toys

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✅ Best Wooden Stacking Coral Reef Toy Set

COLORFUL & REALISTIC – Tender Leaf Toys Stacking Coral Reef toy set is crafted with precision and home to some of the most amazing and beautiful fish and creatures on the planet. This colorful stacking coral reef will set the imagination in color.

Wooden Penguin Toys

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✅ Best Wooden PlanToys Sailing Boat-Penguin

Fun bath toy and definitely gift quality – This is a very simple wooden bath toy with four parts: the boat, the mast, the sail and the passenger. The passenger will be replaced with other toys. Definitely worth it for some bath fun and for teaching the concepts of floating, boating and sinking in water.

Wooden Sea Snail Toys

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✅ Best Wooden Snail Jigsaw Puzzle For Toddlers

Good cheap gift for the little ones – Great for children to match their ABCs and numbers as each piece is labeled with a number on one side and a letter on the other. Found that putting it together flat first then standing it up makes it easier for little hands! Great for the dinosaur lover in your family!!

Wooden Octopus Toys

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✅ Best Octopus Hands Craft DIY 3D Wooden Puzzles

Very cute! – Very cool wooden puzzle for any octopus lover. Easy to assemble. Looks great on office desk. Received this puzzle and it was a snap to put together. It comes with a little piece of sandpaper, which was very helpful.

Wooden Jellyfish Toys

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✅ Best Sea Adventure Wooden Toddler Activity Toy

Beautiful And Great Quality – This is a great piece for boys and girls. It’s sturdy, featuring cute art and calm colors, with no rough edges. Love this so much! Super easy to put together and even cuter in person. The Deep Sea Adventure wooden toddler toy is packed full of motor skill activities. Your little one won’t even know they’re practicing their fine and gross motor skills as they investigate all of the features offered by this sea-themed activity center.

Wooden Manta Ray

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✅ Best Wooden Ocean Blocks

Wonderful learning blocks – These blocks are sturdy, well built, and well painted. Your son will easily able to recognize the shapes of the sea life while learning the alphabet! They’re gorgeous and are the perfect size for playing with and stacking. 

Wooden Sea Animal Puzzle

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✅ Best Educational Pre School Wooden Sea Animal Puzzles

Worth buying this. Good quality product ❤️ – The Webby The Ocean Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle features 40 pieces that fit together smoothly. All these pieces are made up of wood. The puzzle comes packed in an exquisite wooden tray to hold together all the puzzle pieces.

Carved Wooden Ocean Animal Toys

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✅ Best Wooden Ocean Animal Figurines

GENDER NEUTRAL STYLISH DESIGN – This classic yet contemporary play set is made of durable wood and will provide endless hours of screen free play time. Not just cheap plastic that will easily break, this is a sturdy set that will last through the years. Both girls and boys will love this fun little set.

Under The Sea Wooden Toys

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✅ Best Deluxe Activity Wooden Maze Cube

Decent cube toy, good size, sturdy – This cube is pretty sturdy and has tapered corners for safety. It sits on a built-in spinning wheel which is nice, but might be an issue for babies just beginning to figure how to balance. Assembly was a cinch.

Stacking Wooden Sea Life Figurines

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✅ Best Stacking Wooden Sea Life Figurines

Well made and safe – The balls arrived well packaged and exactly what you had hoped for. They are much smaller than the average ball pond ball and would be ideal for toddlers and small children. Mine were for a slightly quirky use to make a forage box for an indoor rabbit. He seems to love them and has so far not chewed any of them or managed to squash them either which is an excellent test of their quality.

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Top 5 Guidelines In Choosing Wooden Toys For Your Kid

Wooden toys are tools for playing and since play is essential for a kid’s learning, toys also become tools for learning. For this reason, it is very important that you as a parent make the right decision in choosing toys to give to your kid.

  • Choose wooden toys that will stimulate your kid’s mind and body, and hone his skills.

Just a few of the important areas of development in your child that call for nurturing are balance, bilateral coordination, body awareness, hand to eye and foot coordination, fine and gross motor skills, language development, listening skills, problem-solving skills, shape and color recognition, muscle strength, social skills, spatial relations, and visual tracking.

Be careful in making your selection of toys. Remember, those toys that are instrumental for your kid’s optimal learning engage your kid in activities and do not just make him a passive spectator. For example, a wooden train set like the Wooden 24 Piece Oval Train Set enables your kid to use his imagination in creating trains and communities while a barking electronic toy dog merely entertains your kid without expanding his mental ability.

  • Choose wooden toys that are guaranteed safe.

Some of the things you have to put in your safety checklist are: there should be no parts small enough to fit your kid’s mouth; there should be no loose parts, no sharp or pointy edges that may harm your kid; there should be no plastic wrapping or long cords and strings that could pose as a suffocation or strangulation hazard, and the toy should be made of non-toxic materials and should not contain any amount of lead paint which is harmful to your kid.

  • Opt for wooden toys that are age-appropriate for your kid.

Always check the age recommendation on the packaging of the toy to see if it’s suitable for your kid. If you have doubts or think that your kid is too young for the toy even though the age recommendation on the toy indicates otherwise, opt for the safe side and trust your instincts. Remember, choosing toys that are suitable for your kid’s age is significant not only for your child’s developmental progress but also to ensure that the toy is safe to be played with by your kid.

  • Select wooden toys that are durable and have long-term play value.

Check on the toy parts to see if it is made of durable materials and opt for trusted toy brands to make sure that the toy you buy is made of high quality and will last a long time with your kid. Prefer toys that you think your kid will not be easily bored with. Those toys that offer endless possible activities like stackable blocks or building toys have longer play value than an electronic robot that walks.

  • Choose wooden toys that fit your family’s values.

Don’t buy a toy that represents opinions or views that strongly oppose that of your family or the ones you hold strong convictions of. Your kid’s toys must not only be instrumental in teaching your kid skills but also proper moral values that he will need to grow up as an honourable individual.

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