17+ Best Squirrel And Duckling Wooden Toys For Nature-loving Kids (2022)

Wooden Animal Toys: Squirrel and Duckling

Two different letter holders, both operated by the same design. The duckling is especially clever because the clothespin sticks out to imitate the beak.

Wooden Toy Squirrel and Duck

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Affordable ideas for nature loving kids & their play toys

Finding the ideal play toys for your kids is not always easy, since there are thousands of toys available today. Moreover, not everything is affordable or reasonably priced; you probably noticed that during your last visit to a toy store.

When shopping for your new play toys, make sure that you spend money on environmentally friendly materials, avoiding as much as possible those that are PVC or any other harmful materials. First of all, these are not safe for your kids and in any case, it is good to teach them a lesson about ‘green’ toys. An ecological message along with a well-appointed toy is a good combination, especially if the kid wants to participate in the whole idea of helping you. In this case, you can give your kid the chance to experiment with decoration and painting, buying though nontoxic paints and simple decoration ideas.

The funny thing about kids and play toys is that no matter how badly they want some of them, they always get bored easily and abandon them after a while, even though you paid a fortune to buy them. One thing you can do except for making toys is to organize some kind of exchange toy party, which is fun and useful. Kids and parents will bring their favorite toys to play with, as well as some toys that are not favored for now.

Kids can play all together and exchange some of them after the party, so they can try more different and new play toys. You Should Find Out More Tips About Nature Loving Kids Check Our Website

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