21+ Best Unique Educational Toys For Kids (2022)

As most parents would agree, young children, can be quite a handful. It often proves to be quite a task keeping them engaged for long hours at a stretch. A lot of companies have come up with numerous wooden toys that not only attract the attention of the kids but also egg them on to discover new things and learn in the process.

Wooden educational toys are a particular favorite of parents as they come as the perfect foil to keep the kids busy and educate them at the same time. A wide range of quality educational toys is available for children as young as 3 months. These toys are not only fun but can also be quite unique. Here are some suggestions that might help you choose from the different wood educational toys available in the market.

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Every kid needs one high-quality wooden toy to grow up with. These are popular with parents not only because they are cheap and safe, but also because they are durable and of good quality. Plus, they break the monotony of electronic and plastic toys. There are numerous options like wooden puzzles, bead sequencing sets, jigsaws, and buildings. Children distinguish the various shapes and colors, and may even learn their first alphabets and numerical from these games. Besides, a child will also develop hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

Wooden Toy With Doors And Locks

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✅ Best Wooden Toys Big House Of Locks With Locks

Versatile house – Wooden toy house with different locks and levers, door chain, D-locks & cylinder locks. Promotes imaginative play and fine motor skills. Everyday situations are experienced and tested in a playful way.

Wooden Toy Castles And Knights

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✅ Best Wooden Toy Castles And Knights Model For Kids

Fun and durable for imaginative play – This children’s wooden castle toy consists of a painted wooden castle on a baseboard. Features 3 towers, a pulley winch, a break-away wall, a prisoner cell and a functional draw bridge. Perfectly scaled for Budkins characters and any other figurines around 10cm tall. Figures sold separately.

Wooden Toy Wheels And Axles

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✅ Best Wooden Toy Wheels And Axles

Nice Wood Craft Wheels – Very nice wood wheels and axles for toy making. Comes as natural wood unfinished.

Wooden Toy Bow And Arrow

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✅ Best Handmade Wooden Bow And Arrow Set

The item is well made and a good intro to archery for kids – The item is well made and a good intro to archery for kids. One of the items had a splinter when it arrived (however it was still usable and worked fine). when you contacted customer service, they were very professional, prompt, and sent you a replacement at absolutely no charge. The bow presents good craftsmanship, relatively speaking.

Wooden Toy Unlock Puzzle Key

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✅ Best Luxury Wooden Brain Puzzle Teaser Kongming Lock For Teens

High-quality gift – IT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS IT IS. good quality puzzles. The instructions are useless and that is fine. the item is a puzzle.

Wooden Toy Treehouse

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✅ Best Wood Adventure Tree House For Kids

Wonderful Tree House Playset – Super fun with Calico Critters. The treehouse set has room for critters to play. Not a whole lot of room for furniture, but this isn’t a boxy house. There’s a slide, a cabin-type house, and a porch swing. Super cute!

Wooden Toy Vet Set

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✅ Best Plan Toys Dr. Veterinarian (Vet) Role Play Set 

Great pretend toy, awesome quality! – 9 Piece Veterinarian Set includes a needle and vaccine bottle, thermometer, stethoscope, bandage, collar,2 x-rays, and a cotton bag to carry all the Doctor’s equipment. This set, like almost all of the products of this company, is of super good quality.

Wooden Toy Village

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✅ Best Wooden Toy Village Railway Set

Great quality Product! – This is a very cute and great product for the price! Son loves it and I’m impressed with the quality. This set came with instructions for multiple track options and has plenty of pieces to get started! The quality of this train set is excellent! The pieces are nearly indistinguishable from the Hape set.

Wooden Toy Gun

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✅ Best Wooden Toy Pistol, Shotgun And Rifle

DURABLE & EASY TO STORE – CG GAMES handmade play guns are made from beech wood that’s durable enough to provide years of use! It comes with a quality and unique carry bag that lets you easily store the swords and even travel with them anywhere.

Wooden Toy Garage

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✅ Best Wooden Car Garage Playset

Adorable Car Garage Toy – Lots of little pieces to put together – intricate assembly – once finished it was very impressive though – Wooden cars are just the right size for little hands – even the 9-month-old could grasp them easily.

Wooden Toy Golf Set

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✅ Best Wooden Mini Golf- Full Set

Lovely well-made toy! – This is a lovely and well-made toy golf set, so much nicer than the flimsy plastic ones on the market. Little boy loves it and he’s two, a the moment he only plays with the clubs and balls but I’m sure when he gets a bit older the other bits will be used too. Comes with a handy bag to keep the clubs and balls in.

Wooden Toys Games

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✅ Best Wooden Toys Games For Kids

Very sturdy and well made. Beautiful wood. – Portable Board Game: designed board games provide a convenient place to store pieces, making them safe and in one place. The box is designed with a lid that slides easily and in the right size for easy portability.

Wooden Toy Fire Station

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✅ Best Wooden Fire Station Set For 360 Degree Play

Awesome gift for your little firefighter! – This product was better than expected. It was relatively easy to put together and pretty sturdy once assembled. One of the best features is the lazy susan that comes with it…agree with other comments about using Velcro tabs to fasten it to the bottom so it won’t slip. Your son really enjoyed playing with it!

Wooden Toy Doctor Kit

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✅ Best Wooden Kids Doctor Playset For Toddlers

18 PIECE Realistic Doctor Kit – UMU wooden doctor playset dentist accessories include a medical box with Stethoscope, Ointment, Medicine Tank, Pills, Dental Mold, Pliers, Scorpion, Hammer, Toothbrush, Syringe, Blood Pressure Meter, CT Display, 4 Inspection Tool, Handbag and Dental Floss.

Wooden Toy Castle

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✅ Best Melissa & Doug Deluxe Folding Medieval Wooden Castle

The One Toy that is endlessly entertaining to a 3-year-old boy! – Absolutely Wonderful!!!!! Three-year-old Grandson LOVES his Castle. It does not get put away, makes up little scenarios for his Knights and their Horses to play out. Sometimes some of the Super Heroes get involved, sometimes Hot Wheels cars when the Knights “need” them. This Castle is well constructed of wood, with a trap door, draw bridge and jail with sliding bars, towers that can be moved and sections that can be rearranged according to the Little Architect’s imagination.

Wooden Toy Camera

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✅ Best 2 Pieces Mini Wooden Camera Toys

Cute,easy & fun! – These cameras are the cutest and they are easy to toss in any to-go bag! Everyone loves them, especially the kids!!

Wooden Toy Arch

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✅ Best Wooden Rainbow Toy Colored Arch Bridge Blocks Set

Rainbow arch bridge design – Montessori style Wooden Rainbow Toy Block Building Game helps children to cultivate their imagination, creativity, coordination, also recognize and establish a connection between abstract concepts or images and the reality of the specific things through some operation process visual input.

Wooden Toy Ladder

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✅ Best Classics Jacob’s Ladder Retro Wooden Puzzle Toy

Best quality, always a hit!! – This is the same Jacob’s Ladder as children like. The Toysmith brand holds up great and is always a huge hit. Everyone passes it around children and adults. If you are looking for a perfect stocking stuffer or spare gift these are a perfect choice.

Wooden Toy Laptop

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✅ Best Kids Children’s Wooden Laptop Chalkboard

ULTIMATE LEARNING GIFT – This Educational Notebook contains everything that you need to build vocabulary, improve spelling skills and make learning more fun and easy than ever before.

Wooden Toy Kits To Build

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✅ Best Wooden Crafts Arts For Children to Build And Paint 

【Eco-friendly Premium quality】– Birdhouse wooden boards are made of high-quality thick plywood, non-toxic and eco-friendly for safety use, very suitable for training your bird-loving children‘s hands-on ability. Pre-cut and slotted, bring you a good assembled experience.

Wooden Toy Keys

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✅ Best Plan Toys Wooden Baby Keys

No toxic plastics or chemicals A safe toy for babies. – Wooden rattle with 3 naturally colored keys with cute, graphical images. Natural colored rattle helps children develop fine motor skills. Part of our Plan Naturals Collection of classic wooden toys without paints or dyes.

More unique educational toy ideas:

  • Activity Kits

These include craft kits, organic stuffed animals, block games, memory games, and also cars. Such games are ideal for the more active kids as they require active participation. Construction toys and memory games help build the child’s imagination, strengthen the memory, and also teach him/ her social skills like participation and involvement.

  • Books And Electronic Games

Storybooks, drawing books, and music CDs are found to leave a deep impact on young fertile minds. They are designed to stimulate the child’s senses and curiosity and help develop their thought processes. There are some unique options like “Baby Shakespeare Find-And-Rhyme” and “Baby Bach Touch ‘N Play Pipes” that incite the child to explore art, poetry, language, and music. There are also several preprogrammed educational games for slightly older children that can be played by simply plugging it into the T.V. These games are often designed so as to promote math, logic, and spelling skills.

  • Cartoons And Video Games

A lot of companies like Warner Bros. produce toys and video games with popular cartoon characters. These are a particular favorite with children as the characters are familiar and they can identify with them. Plus, these toys give them the freedom of acting out their fantasies and letting their imaginations run wild.

When choosing a toy, it is necessary to keep in mind the child’s age and learning level. The right kind of toy can be the perfect teacher in developing and nurturing the kid’s intellect.

How To Choose Educational Toys For Every Age?

No matter what age your child is, shopping for toys by age in today’s society usually means it is something electronic. Whether the child is young or old, something that plays music or you can program to make noises is a treat for children of any age.

Once your children are around the age of ten, they will want you to buy them video games that hook up to the television. They will even want games that are handheld and interchangeable. For the younger ones, you can get games that are educational and will actually teach them something. The older generational kids of today are looking for video games to play that they can blow things up and win over the bad guy.

With some of the electronic toys that are available today, you can even hook them up in your car so that they can play on the road. Other electronic toys are used to make music or even take pictures. There are even laptop computers for younger kids to play with that are educational and fun all at the same time.

So you need to remember, shopping for toys by age will mean that the mindset will change with each and every age. From the young to the old and the young at heart, everyone likes to play games no matter who they are and no matter what they are into. You can find something for everyone either at the store or on the web.

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