12+ Best Wooden Outdoor Toys For Healthy Toddlers & Kids (2022)

Outdoor wooden toys promote exercising for your kids.

It is a common phenomenon today to hear about overweight children that do not exercise much or are not really active. This is a sad observation for our time and a direct result of the modern way of living, especially in big cities.

Children sit at home, watch TV and play video games, without going outside to play. This is something that parents need to take care of and give them the chance to find some fun activities outside the house; outdoor wooden toys can prove very useful and helpful.

Wooden Outdoor Toys For Toddlers

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✅ Best Kids Wooden Gardening Tools

Very sturdy – Got these for playing in the sandbox after all the cheap plastic ones stay strong. So far so good. Kids love them.

Outside Toys For 2 Year Olds

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✅ Best Kid’s Wooden Tool Box and Accessory Play Set

Excellent good quality toyvery good quality of toy, little boy is loving playing with it, love that it has little nuts and bolts for them to actually screw together.

Best Outdoor Toys For 3-4 Year Olds

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✅ Best Educational Construction Building Toy Set

Handy Manny in the House – 3 year old loves this set. he keeps calling himself Handy Manny, although some of the colors of the tools are different. The box is really nice and makes a great carrying case that is easy to use and the tools are sturdy and super cute. The set has a small number of building pieces which makes it a great beginner set as there are not so many pieces it is overwhelming for a younger child. This would definitely recommend for a 3-year-old.

Outdoor Toys For 4 Year Olds

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✅ Best SHIERDU Color Wooden Digital Bowling Toy

Indoor and outdoor games – Appropriate size and weight, whether indoor or outdoor, it can be competent and bring happiness to children. Let them stand up, watch them fall as the ball rolls, and enjoy hours of entertainment and learning. Can develop fine and rough motor skills, spatial skills, and also help children’s brain development.

Outdoor Toys For 8-10 Year Olds

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✅ Best Natural Wooden Swords For Kids

Beautiful handmade swords!! — Food fun, sturdy almost needed to watch kids even walking around house with it because of sharp point at tip of pirate sword.

Unusual Outdoor Toys

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✅ Best Toddler Natural Wooden Percussion Instruments Toy

Natural Kids Musical Instruments – This Wood musical toy set includes shaking, tapping, beating, and blowing instruments. Ideal and creative birthday present or Christmas gifts for kids, boys, and girls.

Wood Outdoor Toy Storage

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✅ Best Outdoor Garden Backyard Wooden Storage

Solid and functional Storage… – Beautiful wood and design, was easy to assemble, came well packaged, hinges hold the lid up securely, lid operates smoothly, good design. The slotted bottom allows rain water to exit the storage area, be interested to see what the finish looks like by the end of the summer, right now it’s very nice.

Wood Outdoor Toy Box

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✅ Best Outdoor Storage Box for Toy

Great Toy Box – Bought this to use for all of the sandbox toys you have. It was super easy to put together, seems very sturdy and so far it’s been great in all types of weather for the outdoor toys!

Wooden Outdoor Playhouse

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✅ Best Backyard Discovery All Cedar Wooden Playhouse

Excellent Playhouse for Toddlers, Preschoolers – Assembling this playhouse requires some organization, but is definitely feasible for two adults, one drill, and a little patience. Be prepared to make some basic modifications to meet your specific needs. For example, the windows, particularly the back window, present a probable fall hazard. It’s heavy, so build it where you plan to keep it.

Wooden Backyard Slide

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✅ Best Real Wood Adventures Bobcat Ridge Backyard Playset

Great structure for young kids! – Honestly for the price this playset is very worth the money. it’s big enough for multiple kids to play on at the same time. & very sturdy after everything is tighten. The plank walk is hit. It has enough space to let kids play.

Wooden Swing For Yard

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✅ Best Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set

High quality product – It took about 12 hours to set up. The parts were complete including an over number of bolts and nuts. The holes all fit. All parts are stable and well made. The English language guide for the assembly is correct, you should follow the suggested order. The included tool is sufficient with a few exceptions.

Wooden Playground Toy

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✅ Best Wooden Playground Toy Set

Durable and made for little hands – This was the perfect addition to granddaughters HAPE dollhouse. She loves it. The baby gets walked in the stroller and put in his crib which has it own papoose blanket. The dressing table has a changing pad. Everything that a child recognizes from their own world. Well made.

Paint For Outdoor Wooden Toys

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✅ Best Magicfly Outdoor Acrylic Wooden Paint

Professional grade acrylics – Excellent paints. Packed with trays for useful storage. Very good selection of colors. Best value you were able to find. All you have to do is look at all the paint to know this is good value! The paint goes on smoothly, no clumps, it’s fresh and no bottles are dry. All the seals were intact, no spills.

Pink Outdoor Wooden Toys

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✅Best Pink Wooden Rocking Horse For Baby Outdoor Activities

Easy to Assemble! – This was super easy to assemble and is adorable! They even sent an extra of each piece of hardware, though it wasn’t needed. It’s sturdy and well made. Very happy with this purchase!

Small Outdoor Wooden Toys

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✅ Best Wooden Catch Ball Game Set 

Timeless toy! – Nostalgic that does not go out of style! Fun for any age kid and bonus that it’s compact! Bring with you when you need a quick distraction for the kids. Great Quality for the price!

You can encourage your kids to play outside, buying play toys that demand some physical activity, preferably in the yard or porch. Not only they will have fun doing something interesting, but they will also get fresh air and exercise without even noticing it. Outdoor wood play toys are a fun way to distract the kids from their everyday indoor activities.

Unlike adults, kids are not interested in exercising and being active sometimes if you don’t show them how. Buying toys that are right for your kid’s age can help them discover this way of playing too: bicycles, jump ropes, swing sets, and pogo sticks are just some ideas for outdoor toys and activities.

Kids can have fun and share their eco-friendly wooden toys with their friends. Group activities are much more enjoyable and certainly much more interesting for kids; promoting exercising and socializing at the same time is an excellent idea anyway. Moreover, the toys will help your kid’s muscle development while promoting their motor skills and of course their creativity.

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