Best Wooden Toy For Newborn, Infants, & Babies Of 0-6 Months (2022)

Human children when born can be little explorers who are willing to learn and experience the objects present in the world. To provide a kind of little aid in their learning process, some toys are made from which they can learn and play at the same time.

Some are made especially for small children and can be found in the market by the name of infant toys. These play materials are aimed at children who have either not started talking and walking or have just begun experiencing it.

The types can however vary and different classes of them can be found. Some may be helpful for the walking process like a push and ride car which can strengthen the legs of the children. Another similar product can be a small walker which can also prove as support for babies learning to walk.

There are also toys that can be used and played with while sitting and remaining stationary. Small piano-type keyboards can be given to them that can produce different types of sounds and music for the pleasure of an infant. Toy versions of hammers, drills, and other such working tools can also be bought to help a child in gaining some familiarity with them and their working to some extent as well.

Little babies deserve a playtime too

All these and other play items can be given to a child so that they may learn about some useful things and at the same time, have some cheerful and happy time which can also be helpful for their health and growth. A child who remains too much unhappy may gain a habit of it that can prove harmful for their future life.

Toys those are correct for your baby’s age

Even at a young age, playing encourages your infant’s mental and physical growth. It is necessary though that you give babies toys meant for their particular age group. Plus, always keep in mind to verify that they meet up the necessary security standards.

Wooden toy for baby bjorn bouncer

Wooden toy with ball and string

Wooden toy with beads

Wooden toy with ball

Wooden toy with ribbon

Wooden toy walker

Wooden toy with ball

Wooden toys numbers

Wooden toy nativity set

These are a few perfect toys for your 3 to 6-month-old kid:

Cuddly Soft Toys: Soft toys like teddies and dolls are great for babies at this age. It is significant that is not having parts like sharp wires that could cut through and harm your kid. In the same way, keep away from toys with buttons, ribbons, or eyes that could be torn off as well as swallowed.

Squeaky Toys: During this age, babies learn to clutch and feel things. Toys that squeak would support your kid to squeeze and discover objects in diverse ways.

• Rattles: At this age, kids learn to link the cause and effect of the events. Rattles as well as other toys that they could manipulate or shake to create different sounds would assist them to recognize this better.

• Board Books: Reading to a child assists grow your baby’s talking skills. Kids also like to be exposed to pictures which they link with the stories. Moreover, board books are prepared to endure the concentration of younger children.

Tips to Select Infant Developmental Toys

There are a number of parents who are concerned about the best-suited infant developmental toys However, before actually buying such toys you need to consider the various activities of your infant. Your child while in between 6 to 9 months can actually sit alone for a longer period of time, will be able to pick up and hold objects, and can crawl from one place to another.

Between 9-12 months, your infant will become more active and will be keen to play with you. This is the time when their attention span is developed and they gradually start to understand you. Your kid will even attempt or start walking during this stage. These days, keep on talking to your baby as they enjoy hearing familiar voices and begin to understand your tone and the meaning of your words.

During this stage, you need to be very careful about the toys your purchase for your child. You can conveniently opt for the various developmental toys that will help your child to be more active while playing. These toys need to appeal to your kids. So opt for bright-colored toys and make sure that they can grab them, poke them, turn them, drop, throw or even stack them. In addition, getting infant toys that can help your kid to learn about cause and effect provide added advantage.

The following are some of the infant developmental toys that you can easily opt for:

  • Inchworm: This infant toy is especially designed for babies up to an age of 36 months and includes crunchy face, rattling feelers, rattling body and mirror. It helps to encourage the motion and to stimulate the senses of your child.
  • Colorful cubes: Your child will be very excited with this colorful and fully interactive cloth cubes. These foam filled cubes are usually made of cotton or polyester and can be easily hand washed. In each side of the cube there are different images and there are three movable magnetic side flaps with a kaleidoscopic viewing portal. This will fascinate your baby with the hidden objects and the colorful images.
  • Grasping toys: These types of infant toys include a number of multi-colored and smooth wooden shapes that are ideal for first finger exercises. You child can easily twist and pull the toy and as the wooden pieces rotate it creates a rattling sound, which is very entertaining for your kid.

There are a number of online stores that sell such infant developmental toys Some of these sites also offer discounted prices as well as refunds or store credit facilities.

Safe toys for newborns

When shopping for newborn toys, you want to make sure that they are safe but fun at the same time. You want something that will catch their attention bring joy to their day. Plush toys are a great choice for babies. Many of these play music to capture the baby’s attention and they are soft against their skin. Most of these toys have a place to squeeze so there are no dangerous on and off buttons for the baby to choke on.

Other toys that make noise such as rattles are great for a brand new baby. The sound will grab their attention and put a smile on their little faces. This is a great way to work on hand-eye coordination. They will try to reach for the sound of the toy. There are many different choices in rattles. You can get ones that are animals or even a dumbbell shape so it is easy for them to grab.

Babies love to put things in their mouths, even when they are new to this world. It is important to make sure that the toy is soft and smooth with rough edges. This will ensure that the baby does not hurt its gums in any way. Newborn baby toys are great for the baby and the parents. It is a wonderful way to interact with your little one. You can have hours of fun with your baby watching him smile and giggle while you make cute noises to make him happy. Here Are Some Guide Check Out These Best Wooden Toy For Newborn, Infants, & Babies Of 0-6 Months .

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