Best Wooden Zoo Animals Toy For Toddlers & Children Of Different Ages (2022)

Children love to explore, discover, observe and learn. Providing children with the right kind of wooden zoo toys will not only keep them entertained but will also enhance their mental abilities. There are a number of such educational animal wooden toys for all age groups available in the market today.

  • During Infancy

This is the age when children are just beginning to observe their surroundings. It helps if they are given wooden animal/zoo toys that will stimulate their senses of hearing, touch, and sight. Colorful wooden toys in different shapes help the development of hand-eye coordination.

White, red, and black are among the most attractive colors to a kid, and wooden toys in these colors are sure to grasp their attention and interest them. They make the child think, and the attractive package makes it more interesting. Besides, there are special touch-and-feel books available that acquaint the child with the sensations of touch.

  • Early Childhood

These years are characterized by a strong sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness. Kids learn a lot by observing the different objects around them. Live habitat wooden zoo/animal toys help children learn about the animals by watching them in their live habitats. There are various such wooden toys including ant farms, frog habitats, and those of crabs, bugs, fishes, and sharks. Apart from this, puzzles, jigsaws, construction wood toys, arts and crafts materials, and reading and coloring books all help stimulate the child’s imagination and hone his/ her creativity and reasoning skills.

  • School Years

When children start attending school, their wooden animal toys need to be upgraded accordingly. At this age, the games should help build social skills as well as sharpen the mental faculties. Board games, playing cards, balls, skipping ropes involve the participation of other children.

Animal wooden toys also enhance the child’s interest in science and will thus make him/ her more attentive in class. Another great toy can be a digital camera. This will help the growth and development of the observational powers in a youngster. Besides, the images can be seen right away, and can also be mailed to friends and relatives. This makes the activity even more interesting to the child, as it might require the reciprocation of another individual.

So no matter how simple a child’s wooden animal toy may look, it definitely plays a vital part in the overall growth and development of the child’s personality, including the social, emotional, and physical aspects.

Wooden Animal Toys Holztiger

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✅ Best Holztiger Brown Bear Toy Figure

Wonderful Quality – Beautiful wooden toy. They might seem expensive but they will be handed down from generation to generation. They are very tactical to hold and love stacking and balancing them. Will be collecting these for years and they’ll be played with for generations, what’s not to love.

Wooden Animal Toys On Wheels

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✅ Best Wooden Trojan Horse Pull Toy

HANDCRAFTED – Ancient Toys are safe and sturdy, just like toys used to be made. The Trojan Horse stands over 8 inches tall, 7 inches long and 4 inches wide. Designed to last.

Small Wooden Animal Figurines

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✅ Best Wooden Country Farm Animal Figurines

High quality wooden fun – This classic yet contemporary play set is made of durable wood and will provide endless hours of screen free play time. Not just cheap plastic that will easily break, this is a sturdy set that will last through the years. Both girls and boys will love this fun little set.

Ostheimer Wooden Animals

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✅ Best Educational Colorful Wooden Toy

Cute and affordable for beginners – Tiny chick is a choking hazard! They are so cute! Smaller than expected. The only big one is the cow. Two year old still loved them. Definitely worth it for independent play and for learning animals.

Wooden Animal Set

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✅ Best Wooden Petilou Forest Stacker Puzzle

Very Cute Stacking Toy! – These are high-quality wooden toys that appear to be hand-painted. The animals are super cute and it’s fun for children and adults alike to try to stack them on one another. Use them as an opportunity to teach him about the names of forest animals and the sounds they make.

Wooden Toy Zoo

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✅ Best Wooden Toy With 7 Animals

FUN WITH SHAPE SORTING – The Melissa & Doug Animal Rescue Shape-Sorting Truck includes 7 animal pieces, 2 rescue rangers and safari truck with lift-up door. Helps teach shape recognition, fine-motor skills, and hand-eye coordination; encourages exploration and imaginative play.

Wooden Toy Zebra

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✅ Best Plush Ride On Zebra Rocking Horse

Exactly as pictured – Sooo stinkin cute. Exactly as pictured. Comes put together. This was a gift for a one year old and is still a tiny bit big for him but won’t be for long

Wooden Zamboni Toy

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✅ Best Real Wood Toy Train Zamboni

MasterPieces – An American Puzzle & Game Company. Stand behind this products and guarantee your satisfaction . Real Wood Trains are compatible with most one inch wooden train tracks. Magnets on front and back link trains together.

Vintage Wooden Toy Zoo

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✅ Best Wooden Zoo Animals Activity Center

Amazing Developmental Toy – This cube makes the prefect companion for your miniature human. It has highly sophisticated artificial intelligence, the ability to learn and develop procedural.

Wooden Toy Barn

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✅ Best Wooden Barn With 7 Animal Play Figures

Really great gift for a little one. – The barn comes with realistic animals, a gate & ladder. The outside of the barn has sliding doors & “windows”. The children love singing Old McDonald when working with the barn.

Wooden Toy Unicorn

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✅ Best Wooden Critters Unicorn Shape Stacker

Unicorn stacker – This is really really cute. Cuter then the picture. It’s a well made toy. But it’s a little smaller then you average stacker toy like this.

Wooden Toy Snake

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✅ Best Wooden Toy Snake

Adorable presents – these fake wiggly snakes and painting tools are easy to get most children’s favor and love, suitable for painter, art school, art classes, paint project, painting parties and more, adorable gifts for children, families, students, friends and more.

Wooden Toy Noahs Ark

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✅ Best Wooden Noah´s Ark With Animals & Figures

Absolutely beautiful!!! Amazing price for this toy, the boat is huge and strong. There is a stairway, one side of the roof opens up, 2 side doors and a full side of the boat opens down, revealing the play area inside. The animals that came with are of great quality, strong and good sized.

Wooden Toy Farm Animal Set

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✅ Best Wood Chunky Farm And Zoo Animal Set

Farm and Zoo Animals – Gift Set Bundle Includes 2 Awesome Wood Chunky Playsets….Farm and Zoo! .Each set comes with 11 highly detailed pieces, 22 total. Chunky wooden pieces are easy for little hands to grasp, while allowing them to stand upright.

Wooden Toy Elephant

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✅ Best Wooden Animal Toy Elephant

Fantastic Beautifully Crafted – This little wooden Elephant is so adorable! That being said it seems to be made with very good quality and looks to be well put together.

Wooden Toy Dog

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✅ Best Wooden Pull Dog Toy

YOUR BABY BEST FRIEND – Baby toys with sturdy wheels, rotating ears, and amusing bell sounds have always been popular among children due to their exciting motion. This adorable puppy baby walking toy would be an excellent companion for baby girls and baby boys, infants and toddlers, with the primary goal of improving kids’ fine motor skills and maintaining balance.

Wooden Toy Dinosaurs

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✅ Best Dinosaur Wooden Puzzle

Safe Material – The wooden puzzles for toddler has 6 and 7 large, trick, and sturdy wood chunks pieces, made of premium natural wood with a smooth edge. Great size pieces are safe for kindergarten boys and girls to grasp and avoid choking hazards. Good educational preschool learning toys for pre-k.

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