12+ Cute Duckling Themed Toddler Games & Wooden Waddling Duck On A Stick Push Toy (2022)

The feet are attached to the wheels, and as the wheels turn the rubber feet are flung forward, giving the appearance of a waddling duck.

Wooden Toy Duck

Click here to see the duck walk.

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Choosing Toddler Toys That Help A Child To Grow

When children are very small the way it learns take several distinct steps. Traditional toys help in the development of actions and will facilitate the learning experience. Babies go through a stage of clasping and pushing toys to see what will happen – around six months onwards – and learn that a ball will roll away etc.

Once he gets to nine months old he will apply the same tactics to all objects in its path. This is a learning curve and the child will discover that different actions will produce different results. By one year old the child will have worked out the difference between kicking a ball or shaking a rattle.

When he starts to walk – the toddler stage – it will require more complex toys to keep him engaged and interested. This wooden walking duck is perfect for the propose! Toddler toys come in many forms from push-along toys to sit-in toys, from ride-on toys to rocking horses, the list is endless. Some clever toddler toys are built to ‘grow’ with the child. They come with flip-over bases to turn the toy say from a wheeled toy to a rocking toy when the child is more confident with its balance. This also applies when the child grows taller.

Traditional toys like trikes – either two-wheel or three-wheel depending at what stage of balance the child is at – are firm favorites with children and adults alike and you can virtually see the child growing in confidence when he has mastered the art of co-ordination. Of course, it is the precursor to the more grown-up bicycle. Ride-on toddler toys provide the first sensation of motion and they soon learn to scoot along with their feet. This both strengthens the legs and coordinates hand movements used to turn the steering wheel etc.

Ride-on toys also strengthen the legs since the pushing motion required to move the toy is somewhat more complex. Naturally, the parent can push or pull the child along until the child can master the art so this toy is ideal for getting the adult involved. Both of the previous toys usually come in bright colors and interesting shapes. They also have noisemakers on board whether it be a vibrating noise mimicking an engine or the wheels clacking as they go forward. Sometimes lights or bells are included for effect and children just love the drama of it all.

What is interesting about traditional toys is that there is a growing demand for them after the influx of electronic toys. More and more people are looking back to their own childhood and realize that perhaps a child should be allowed to play naturally and use its imagination to the full. They don’t have to be ‘entertained’ by TV or computer games all of the time and if they are they soon become unresponsive to outside stimulation.

It is a recognized part of human development that children will shout and run around, make noise, etc. Provide them with traditional toddler toys that will allow them to develop naturally.

Check Out These Best Cute Duckling Themed Toddler Games & Wooden Waddling Duck On A Stick Push Toy

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