9+ Best Wooden Dolphin Toys & Home Decor (2022)

Dolphin is a mammal with a smooth body that is typically found in the sea. Dolphins are known for their intelligence and their ability to communicate with other animals. The spiritual meaning of dolphins is that they are messengers from the sea. They are considered to be wise and gentle creatures and are often seen as symbols of happiness and good luck.

Wooden dolphin toys, statues and art pieces are great gifts for adults and kids. For one, they are very durable. They can withstand a lot of wear and tear, which is great if you plan on giving your dolphin as a meaningful long last gift to someone important. Additionally, they are quite unique and interesting. Not many people have one, so it will likely be a conversation starter. These wooden dolphins are very elegant as home decor too.

Here is my favorite classic wooden dolphin toy: The Spinning Dolphin

The dolphin spins back and forth on the cradle until it finally runs out of momentum. The design makes the dolphin move as if it were jumping out of the water.

Wooden Toy Dolphin

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Wooden Bottlenose Dolphin Toy

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✅ Best Wooden Bottlenose Dolphin Toy

Early Educational Play – Playing with this colorful Abacus toy helps children promote their sensory skills, cognitive and motor skills. Different shapes and colors of this toy help them to recognize new things and stimulate their visual development.

Small Flat Wooden Dolphin Decor

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✅ Best Small Flat Wooden Dolphin Decor

Great gift idea for any occasion – Due to the hand-finishing process, there may be slight variations in finish/color with each piece. G6 COLLECTION is a registered brand with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Our logo, brand, and slogan are all intellectual property of G6 COLLECTION.

Simple Large Wooden Dolphin Sculpture

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✅ Best Simple Large Wooden Dolphin Sculpture

Unique piece of artwork – Great gift idea for any occasions like Birthday, Wedding, Housewarming, Graduation, Mother or Father’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, New year, Valentine’s day.

Wooden Dolphin Puzzle

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✅ Best Wooden Dolphin 3D Jigsaw Puzzle For Kids

EARLY CHILD EDUCATION – Children can practice their fine motor skills and cognition of animals, colors, shapes and numbers through play. They can also foster hand-eye coordination and enhance logic and problem-solving skills while sorting and matching.

Handmade Wooden Dolphin Puzzle Box

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✅ Best Rusticity Wooden Puzzle Box

Handmade look – If This is the 1st one you ordered from Amazon and you were extremely pleased. It looks exactly like the photo of the item. It looks like a handmade product that a great deal of time was spent on.

Jumping Wooden Dolphin 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

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✅ Best 3D Wooden Dolphin Model Jigsaw Puzzle

Dolphin Puzzle Models -:It also suitable for home, office, bedroom, party decoration etc. All puzzle models are in wood color, and both sides are sanded to a smooth finish, perfect for painting, staining and DIY, which will makes them look more colorful.

Handmade Small Dancing Dolphin Figure

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✅ Best Handmade Small Dancing Dolphin Figure

Beautiful Decoration – This puzzle box is a beautiful decorative piece and it stores small items, like your expensive jewelry. This beautifully designed puzzle box will enhance the beauty of your home decor or make the perfect gift! The intarsia puzzle boxes are made from hand carved wood and the colors are all natural. The inside of the wood is carved out to create space for keeping small items like jewelry. 

Wood Carving Dolphin Statue

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✅ Best Wood Carving Dolphin Statue

Perfect gift – One of a kind and great decor piece for kitchen, dining room, pantry, cabinet, countertop, tabletop, bar, living room, hallway, foyer, basement, office, indoor, interior.

Wooden Dolphin Wall Art

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✅ Best Wooden Dolphin Wall Art Decor 

Perfect gift or present for dolphin lovers – Unique piece of artwork & nice decor piece for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining, bathroom, hallway, foyer, basement, patio, beach house, cabin, office, indoor, outdoor, interior, exterior.

Why babies need wooden ocean animal educational toys?

Wooden ocean animal educational toys such as dolphins are great for babies to learn about the ocean and its creatures. They are eco-friendly and help develop the babies’ motor skills, cognitive skills, and social skills. Wooden educational toys are fun for babies and provide another tool to stimulate learning and brain development in your infant.

There are many ways to teach a child and tens of thousands of educational toys on the market to help parents in the endeavor. The challenge for parents, child care providers, and educators is to choose from the vast array of educational toys available in a way that creates a balance of learning techniques, is age-appropriate, and most of all fun.

How do babies learn through wooden toys?

It is quite surprising the rate at which babies learn and develop. Learning begins in the womb and continues throughout childhood. In early life how a child learns centers largely around the relationship with the parents. At least until the child starts preschool, the job of stimulating and satisfying the baby’s desire to learn falls primarily to the parents.

While babies respond to their parent’s voices there are many other sounds they find interesting. When parents are choosing wooden educational toys for babies they should look for toys that have sound, colors that are bright and contrasted like red, black, and white, and have interesting textures that babies like to touch.

  • Sounds

Babies respond to sound and some of the best wood educational toys include rattles and musical toys. Soothing music such as lullabies is usually best. Auditory and musical toys are known to stimulate logical thinking and imagery in babies and in adults for that matter.

  • Sight

Bright colors in wooden educational toys stimulate a baby’s vision. Look for toys with strong color contrast and patterns. A good one to look for is a colorful crib mobile that emits music, has different textures, curves, and symmetry.

  • Fine Motor Play

Fine motor play wooden educational toys are used to stimulate coordination in the baby’s finger and eye movements. One such toy aimed at developing hand-eye coordination is “Counting Pals”, which is aimed at babies 6 months and up. Counting Pals are 10 soft and squishy colored blocks. They can be stacked, tossed, chewed by the baby. Counting pals also provides animal illustrations that will enchant the baby.

  • Cognitive Skills

There are some wooden educational toys that promote cognitive skills in babies, which is to say they stimulate the child’s memory, how they picture things, and their problem-solving skills. Educational toys like building blocks, activity boxes, or puzzles are a good purchase for your child. The puzzles can deal with numbers, letters, or pictures; it does not matter, but they should be fairly easy for a baby to grasp and manipulate.

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