9+ Unique Wooden Bear Toy For Forest & Woodland Lovers (2022)

A bear is a large, furry animal that lives in the forests and mountains. Bears are usually brown or black, and have big, powerful bodies. Popular bear types include Russian bears, Grizzly bears, Nordic bears, Panda and Polar bears.

Some people think that the bear is a symbol of strength and courage. A wooden bear toy can be given as a gesture of love, friendship, or as a sign of appreciation for the forest and woodland lovers. They are cute and pretty for adults and kids!

Here is my favorite classic wooden bear toy:

As the pendulum swings the bear rows. The arms are attached to the pendulum, as as it swings it causes them to move up and down in a rowing motion.

Wooden Toy
Toy Bear

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ LOVE BEARS and wants to see more bear-themed wooden toys? ==> Click the images below to see more inspiration from Amazon!

Wooden Bear Statue

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✅ Best Russian Bear Wooden Statue Ornaments

Cute wooden bear statue – Cute wooden bear statue Three together look very warm. Ideal choice for living room, bedroom and office desk decoration. Handmade from premium natural Danish black walnut and white oak with exquisete workmanship, durable and non toxic, smooth surface has a classic original wood grain.

Wooden Bear Toy For Babies

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✅ Best Wooden Baby Bear Walker

Exclusive Small Foot wooden toy design – Durable and solid construction, at Small Foot Wooden Toys we conduct many hundred safety tests a year to ensure that our products conform to all safety standards, and we take pride in developing toys that are completely safe for children to play with. Nothing is more important than your child´s safety.

Handmade Wooden Bear Toy For Toddlers

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✅ Best Wooden Handmade Baby Sensory Activity Boards

Busy Toddler – Whether you travel by car, airplane, or the opposite stay at home due to quarantine, the best educational and long-lasting game is your Bear Board keeping your kid engaged.

Handmade Wooden Grizzly Bear

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✅ Best Handmade Wooden Grizzly Bear Decor

BEAUTIFULLY HANDCRAFTED – Handcrafted wooden curtain tiebacks add charm to your windows and enhances your home décor drastically. This vintage wooden curtain holder is perfect for marine bathrooms, coastal cottage, beachfront villas, beach theme decor, a nautical theme party etc. The tiebacks are hand carved from solid mango wood.

The Stacking Wooden Bear

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✅ Best Wooden Stacking Toys Cute Bears 

Solid construction – The magnets do a good job of holding the tops and bottoms together for mix and match activities. Fun expressions make them suitable for pretend play too. A variety of options for stacking. It would have been nice to have a booklet or card to illustrate different configurations for children to copy.

Carved Wooden Teddy Bear

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✅ Best Carved Wooden Teddy Bear

Handmade Items are Some of the Best Items – Love this bear, very cute. It’s small but well made. Reasonable price, might order another one.

Small Simple Wooden Bear Toy

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✅ Best Small Simple Wooden Bear Toy

SAFE FOR KIDS & OUTSIDE TOYS FOR TODDLERS – Each of the wooden blocks are sanded smooth, easy to grasp, painted and sealed with non-toxic materials and feature a solid wood rocking base. The learning toys for 1 year olds make fun water play toys, toddler outdoor toys and toddler toy toddler activities. The preschool learning toys can also be used for math games, activity cube, color and shape sorter games, airplane activities for kids and high chair toys.

Vintage Climbing Wooden Bear Toy

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✅ Best Folk Toys Wood & Rope Climbing Bear

A great toy for toddlers. – Classic Wooden Toy! Made in the USA! Pull down on the 2 ropes alternately & the bear climbs up the ropes! Made of native hardwoods, including poplar, oak, maple and walnut.

Wooden Bear Wall Decor

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✅ Best Wooden Bear Wall Decor

Great piece of art! – Package was well protected and arrived quickly. You have to install the lights yourself but this was easy. It is extremely detailed and looks exactly as pictured!

How to choose quality wooden animal toys for kids?

There are plenty of different kids’ wooden animal toys on the market. In fact, there certainly is no shortage whether you are looking for boys or girls toys. And no matter what age you are shopping for there are endless options. The key here is choosing quality kids’ toys that are safe, affordable, and will last for some time.

  • Quality

There is a huge difference in the quality of various kids’ toys and just how long they’ll last. Take for example that metal Tonka truck. Chances are 30 years from now it will still be intact, perhaps missing some paint, but never the less ready for grandchildren to now play with. On the other hand, the comparable plastic truck might be lucky to make it a full year before something breaks. The difference in price? That depends – sometimes it’s actually very little. The quality is certainly in the Tonka truck.

  • Safety

Another consideration is the safety of the wooden animal toy especially if you are buying for younger kids. Some of the cheap kids’ toys may not be made well. Perhaps there are sharp edges, or maybe there are small pieces that come off. It’s important that you check the item over carefully before you make the purchase.

Safety is very important with children’s toys. You should always take a look at the recalls of toys. You can do this quickly and easily on the internet. You can even get email alerts as toys are added to the list. Watch for small parts that can break off of toys and be swallowed. Be aware of sharp edges or other possible injuries.

  • Material

Choosing toys of quality material for your children should be a priority. With so many to choose from, the consumer has the opportunity to demand excellence from toy manufacturers. Over time, the sturdy dollhouses made from real wood and the tough Tonka trucks made of metal have been replaced with plastic replicas that aren’t very durable.

  • Creative

You should also look for toys that offer your child the chance to use their imagination. This can include blocks, Legos, Play-Doh, art supplies, and crafts. These toys offer your child the chance to be creative rather than just following the directions of other toys on the market. Creativity is very important to develop from an early age.

  • Age and skill-appropriate

Make sure the toys you choose for your children are age and skill-appropriate. Don’t go just with the age guidelines on the side. Some children catch on to particular skills easier than others. It is a good idea to purchase toys that introduce new skills for your child to learn. While you shouldn’t only buy educational toys, it is great when you can find toys that teach your child something but they are great fun as well.

You can find excellent reviews about the various children’s wooden toys out there in parenting magazines and on the internet. Take some time to find out how well particular toys are holding up as your child plays with them. Find out if they operate properly and any safety issues parents have experienced. This will help you find quality wood animal toys for your children that are educational, safe, and fun to play with.

==> More inspiration for wood-loving parents and kids @ WoodenToyMuseum.com

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