Wooden Gifts Ideas (2022): 18+ Awesome Educational Grasshopper & Insect Toys

In this pull toy, the legs are attached to the edges of the wheels, so as they turn the legs move in a circular motion, giving the effect of a walking grasshopper.

Wooden Toy Grasshopper

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The Right Wooden Educational Toys For Your Child

There are children and there are toys. Something as simple as a rock or a stick can be turned into a toy by your child. But what is different about an educational toy is that it aims to help in the development of your child: intellectually, emotionally, or even physically. It combines the fun of toys with the importance of learning something. It can teach your child a certain skill, like hand-eye coordination or motor skill.

It can also help him or she realize what he or she is good at. This last point is important because the Multiple Intelligence Theory by Howard Gardner says that there is no single definition of intelligence; there are actually many types. With proper nurturing and the right set of toys, you could help your child discover and develop his or her potential.

But just looking around, you will find that there are lots of toys that claim to be “educational.” Finding the right one can be quite hard because there are so many. But here are some pointers to know what the right educational toy for your child easier:

  1. Your child’s age is an important consideration. While some toys are quite universal in the sense that they can be picked up by anybody (even adults), some of these toys may have little parts that could be swallowed by your child and potentially could be dangerous. The other point to consider is that certain skills are developed at specific age groups. Younger children are fascinated by what they can do and with their senses. This can be made into a good way to develop their motor skills. Good toys for younger children include toys that make sounds, filling blocks, and particularly those that include shapes (like clay). Older children who are learning how to read should be challenged by giving them books like pop-up books or picture books. Flash cards and chalk boards will help reinforce what they are learning.
  2. Make sure the toy you are buying for your child is interesting and fun for him or her and not only for you. If it is not fun, the toy will end up being ignored, and forcing your child to play with it and pick it up will only make him or her resent you. You also have to remember that some children have very short attention spans, so if a toy is fun, your child will not notice that lessons are being taught to him or her. Your child will also keep on playing with it because he or she is enjoying it. When your child enjoys the toy, it stimulates the brain and prepares him or her for learning.
  3. Giving your child toys that encourage make-believe and creative thinking develop his or her imagination. Toys like this include building blocks, action figures, dolls, coloring books and cars. Another thing is that children like to emulate their parents. This is especially true for older children who like to role play and pretend to do what “grownups” do. A cooking set, a doctor’s kit, or archeology tools can be especially helpful in fostering their creativity and imagination.

Always remember that educational wooden toys are not enough for a child’s holistic growth. Toys are just tools to help your child grow and cannot replace the love, care, and affection that you give to your child. In fact, participating in your child’s playtime is a good way to do both. Continue Reading

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