6 Tips To Get The Most Awesome Wooden Baby Gifts For First Time Parents (2022)

Choosing toys for babies is not always easy. The toys are sometimes so nice that you, as an adult, would like to have them yourself. Then you have to ask yourself what is good for the toddlers. 

Finding the perfect gift for a special toddler is not very easy. There are many factors to take into consideration. You need to find gifts that will interest the baby and benefit his or her development. We suggest taking the following into consideration when selecting the ideal gift:

Child’s gender

Many times when people attend baby showers, the sex of the baby is not yet known. Toys with primary colors are always an acceptable choice.

Age of the child

Children develop at rapid rates both mentally and physically. They quickly grow out of toys and clothing. A good idea is to always buy a toy that’s slightly more advanced so that the baby can grow into it.


When buying toys for babies & toddlers, you want to make sure the parents approve of the toy before you give it to the baby to play with. Choose toys that are easy to clean up after.


The wooden toys must look nice and fun so that they attract babies to play with them. They should be made of quality hardwoods with a nice finish so that they are attractive to adults as well.

The designs must be rugged. These wooden toys can become family heirlooms and must withstand a lot of loving play which likely will include drops and tosses.

Toy Safety

The toys must be safe. Small parts can become a choking hazard; broken toys can result in splinters or cuts.

Good wood toy crafters take toy safety very seriously. Safe toys are designed to minimize the number of small parts which can become choking hazards, they should be well designed and strongly built.

It is very important for parents to examine all of their baby’s toys on a regular basis. New toys may come out of the box with broken parts or sharp edges. It is unwise to assume that just because a toy is new that it is safe. In addition, a toy that starts out safe and follows all safety guidelines can become unsafe after normal use. This is true for commercially made plastic toys as well as custom-made wooden toys. It is also very important to make sure that the baby’s toys are age-appropriate; it is unwise to leave a baby unattended with a toy that has a pull string which can become a danger due to strangulation.

The only finish that good wood toys use is non-toxic mineral oil. It provides protection from moisture and stains as well as highlights the grain patterns of the wood. When toys end up in someone’s mouth it is comforting to know that the finish is safe. Other uses of mineral oil include finish for salad bowls and butcher blocks.

The following is a list of safety-related websites.

Never buy a toy without packaging or label, because then you cannot check whether it bears the safety mark, which guarantees the conformity of the toy to safety and health standards.

Educational influence

An awake baby wants to have something to do. That’s why it’s nice if he has something in his bed to look at, listen to, or grab. An infant explores the world with its mouth, so the toys must be safe and preferably washable. Sharp corners and edges, poisonous paint, buttons and marbles, stuffed animals with eyes that come loose and strings you get entangled in, the world can be a dangerous place for a baby. The best educational toys are those that respond to the baby’s abilities and preferences. Watch, listen, grab and act toys can play an important role in his development.

Indispensable are objects in different colors (red turns on) and of different shapes (preferably round shapes), which move and which are suspended at about 20 cm from his face (at that distance baby sees sharply).

Everything that makes soft sounds or that baby can hold in his hands is welcome: rattles, music boxes, balls, dolls, cuddly toys, wooden bobbins, rings. It’s nice to grab a brightly colored handkerchief, or an unbreakable mirror at the head of the crib can provide hours of fun.

Every age comes with different toys, the older the baby, the more control he gets over his body and therefore also over his environment. Building, assembling, and disassembling things, knocking down towers are very interesting activities for a toddler. A hummel enjoys a lot of blocks, they are available in all sizes, weights, shapes, and materials. He is also very interested in studying and touching small details, so an activity board is a good idea.

Indispensable: toys that stimulate the senses

  • Develop his hearing with musical mobiles, music boxes or many musical cuddly toys that calm young baby & toddler.
  • Figures, animals, balls, cloth cubes with bells bring softness and comfort
  • Toys that make curious sounds such as bunches of keys or an abacus
  • toys that can arouse new feelings in baby: hobby horse, balance bike, pram, scooter, rocking horse, block box, doll house, farm, car, tractor, truck, fire engine, airplane, train, marble track, draft animal, push animal, musical instrument, piggy bank, mobile , music box, doll houses, doll house, rocking horses, music boxes, toy car.
  • Develop his manual skills with boxes in which baby learns to put away shapes, with building blocks or wooden cubes that still slide together.

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