Best Wooden Bath Toys For Babies & Kids (2022)

Giving wooden toys to kids in the bath can help them have a fun and relaxing time. Wooden bath toys can help children learn about different shapes and colors, and can also help them improve their motor skills, stimulate interactive and imaginative play.

Many children do not love baths, but nowadays there are many great quality fun wooden bath toys to make them fall in love with the tub time again and have hours of fun bath time.

Wooden Toy Boat For Bath

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✅ Best Wooden PlanToys Sailing Boat-Penguin

Fun bath toy and definitely gift quality – This is a very simple wooden bath toy with four parts: the boat, the mast, the sail and the passenger. The passenger will be replaced with other toys. Definitely worth it for some bath fun and for teaching the concepts of floating, boating and sinking in water.

Wooden Duck

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✅ Best Wildlife Garden Duck Wooden Replica

BIRD LOVER’S DELIGHT – Unique, artisanal figure faithfully detailed to delight ornithology enthusiasts; each realistic replica also includes a gift box and informational mini-booklet. Hand-carved from lime wood and painted with eco-friendly acrylic paints; solid, sturdy hardwood is guaranteed to last.

Wooden Submarine

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✅ Best Under The Sea Wooden Submarine

WOODEN SUBMARINE ACTIVITY TOY – From the Under the Sea collection of baby and kids toys, soft dolls, soft books and plush by the Manhattan Toy design team. Introduce little one to the concept of oceans and marine life with this wooden toy submarine, accompanied by wooden cutouts adorned with water-based painted sea life.

Wooden Paddle Boat

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✅ Best Wooden Sail Paddle Boat Craft Kits

Enhance Creativity Ability – Handmade Wooden Sailboat cultivate his imagination and creativity ability, Kids can assemble and color these puzzles themselves. Hours of educational and creative fun that is exciting and hands on for kids and adults alike.

Handmade Wooden Bath Toys

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✅ Best Handmade Wooden Bath Toys

Lovely Classic Wooden Baby Toys – Got this for a shower gift. There was a pacifier holder, rattle and rings with an elephant and another with a hedgehog. New Mama loved it!

How to choose wooden bath toys that are right for your baby’s age?

We all remember being kids and usually hating when our parents would force us to take a bath; we always preferred rolling on the floors, playing with pets, tumbling in the back yard, being all dirty but happy; even as babies, rarely bath time was a fun time.

Wooden bath toys were invented just for this reason: to make the bath more appealing to kids and babies. Choosing toys that are right for your baby’s age and make its bath time funny and intriguing could be challenging, but it’s definitely worth trying Of course the most classic bath toy is the rubber ducky, which has become a symbol of every bathtub – even if there are no kids around. We all connected that with our childhood and having it floating around while we as adults enjoy a bubble bath is always something fun.

There is no dispute that this is one of the most popular Babies and Infant Toys and very cute at the same time, without being boring. However nowadays there is an entire industry in wooden bath toy making; you can find newborn baby toys or Pre-school children’s toys which are just fun to have around, while others play an educational role as well. When looking for bath toys there are a few tips to have in mind. First of all the toys’ durability: these are aimed for long use and abuse in a watery environment so they have to be by default waterproof, made of durable materials that won’t wear out very easily and that are unbreakable of course.

You don’t want any injuries if your toddler decides to squeeze his wooden bath toy or just crash it on the bathtub. Wooden toys for kids put safety above everything, which means that most of them cannot be swallowed and do not have sharp edges; if so then they have to be excluded.

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