13+ Wooden Rabbit Toys & Bunny Games For 2022 Easter

There is something special about rabbits. They are often seen as symbols of fertility and new beginnings. Some people believe that rabbits are connected to the spiritual world because they are so quick and nimble. Rabbit symbolism has been around for centuries and it is still popular today. Easter is a time to celebrate new beginnings and the rabbit is a perfect symbol for this.

Here is my favourite classic wooden bunny toy:

Wooden Toy Rabbit

The rabbit moves in hopping motions as it is pulled across the floor. The back wheels are not attached in the center, but rather on the edges. As they turn, the body of the rabbit moves in an elliptical motion, causing it to “hop.”

There are many different wooden bunny toys to choose from, and each one is unique. Wooden rabbit toys are often seen as being good for children because they are durable, can be played with for a long time and passed on for generations. Here are several of the most popular wooden rabbit toys:

Peter Rabbit Wooden Push Along Toy

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✅ Best Rabbit Wooden Garden Push Wagon

GARDEN WAGON PLAY SET – Kids Preferred presents this cute, charmingly detailed set with a wooden garden wagon, removable crate, & plush toys. Take your garden wherever you go for active, imaginative play. The Peter Rabbit Wooden Garden Wagon is designed for first walkers and pretend play. It allows baby to go from floor play to first steps and offers fun activities in all stages of development.

Peter Rabbit Wooden Pull Along Toy

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✅ Best Peter Rabbit Pull-Along – Handcrafted Wooden Toy

Super Value as a gift – So fricking sweet! Cute design, who doesn’t love Peter rabbit?? Excellent quality, sturdy, colourful and worth every penny! Beautifully hand painted with non toxic paint.

Bunny Wood Furniture For Kids

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Bunny Wood Furniture For Kids

Absolutely adorable and sturdy! – Absolutely love this table and chair set! The set is so perfect for a princess themed room. The wood is good thick solid wood, not that fake compressed stuff others would use. The set was super easy to screw together just make sure you screw the legs all the way, if you dont the table or chair can seem wobbly as they are at an angle. So much better then Ikea furniture. Very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend this set.

Wooden Rabbit Ride On

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✅ Best Ride On Wooden Rabbit Toy

SLEEK CLASSIC DESIGN – This cute rabbit balance bicycle is perfect for any child’s first birthday. It can be used indoors and outdoors so your child could enjoy hanging out with the family while learning how to walk. Aids in teaching your child how to maintain balance by pushing with their feet. Develops balance and confidence at an early age.

Wooden Bunny Cutouts

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✅ Best Rabbit Wooden Bunny DIY Wooden Crafts Toys

Cute Bunny Decoration Styles – The Easter Bunny is one of the symbols of Easter. Bring your home into the spring with fresh Easter decorations. every cute rabbit wears clothes of different colors or styles.

DIY Wood Rabbit Toys

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✅ Best Wooden Rabbit Music Box Craft Kits For Kids

Fun to put together -Special gift-Rabbit Bunny DIY music box that plays music,Wind him up and let him serenade you with a lovely melody – “LITTLE BUNNY FOO FOO”.In addition,it can be a great companion to create a warm atmosphere by your side.Adopting import premium music movement,the movement process is exquisite and the sound. This would make a great gift. It is easy to put together. Comes with glue and the instructions are easy to follow.

Natural Wood Rabbit Toys

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✅ Best Animal Shaped Baby Rattles Grasping Toys 

Cute minimalistic rattle. – Adorable and made very well!! Cute to gift in a gift basket or baby shower gift. Order for your kiddos. Very pleased with the craftsmanship. Will last years. Highly recommend!

Jack Rabbit Wood Toys

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✅ Best Rabbit Shaped Pull-Back Classic Wooden Toy

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR TODDLERS – This toy will instantly become a favorite! It’s just the right size for small hands & durable enough to be taken everywhere you go. Makes for a sweet springtime surprise with plenty of fun to spare!

Wooden Bunny Chew Toys

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✅ Best Rainbow Teether Chew Toy For Newborn Babies

Comfort – Teething is a completely normal process for all newborn babies and infants. While many have an initial instinct to use over the counter or prescription medicine, the best option is an all natural teether whenever possible. This teether is also freezablewhich provides another layer of relief. By freezing the teether, you add a cooling effect for additional comfort for your little peanut.

Homemade Rabbit Toys

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✅ Best Rabbit Miniature Wooden Figurine

Great little rabbit figurines! – They are very cute and arrived when stated. Love that they didn’t overcharge for such a cute item. Thank you for making these beautiful figurines.

Wooden Bunny And Hutch Playset

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✅ Best Family Pets Wooden Dollhouse Animal Set By Hape

Precious, adorable little animals! – This set is very well made and the little details are wonderful! There is a cat, dog, and rabbit, that each have their own house/bed, food dish, and food.

Wooden Rabbit Cutout Kalimba

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✅ Best Wood Mahogany Portable Byla Kalimba 

Lovely Kalimba – Such a great starter set for any kid learning to play music. Comes with so many accessories to make it fun and help keep it protected. Most musical items are at some cost. The price is really affordable. It’s worth to try!

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Looking for more cute rabbit-themed wooden toys? ==> Click the images below to see more inspiration from Amazon!

Selecting The Right Wooden Toy

Playing is an essential part of childhood. It allows children to explore, discover and learn about new things. More importantly, it helps kids develop their physical, mental and social skills. This makes playing a crucial part of a child’s normal growth and development.

And with playing comes toys. Wooden toys make playing more fun and enjoyable for kids, especially for toddlers. Parents often go out of their way to choose and purchase the best toys their money can buy. As there are a lot of different sorts of toys to choose from, others are known to be useful and more stimulating than others. Not only do some of these toys function as good playthings, but they also help motivate fast learning and promote good response skills.

Popularly branded ones are usually promoted better than others and are also relatively more expensive. Nevertheless, these branded toys are also known to be safer and more durable than unbranded or generic ones.

This is not to say that only branded ones are worthy of your child’s attention and use. There are also simple yet very useful toys that need not be expensive. If you are a parent who intends to buy wooden toys for your kid, it will indeed be worthwhile for you to get yourself acquainted with information about the proper way to choose toddler toys and not just pick any toy that catches your child’s fancy.

  • Is it age-appropriate? As kids in the toddler age of 1 to 3 years old are in the stage of rapid mental and physical development, parents should be mindful of the toys that they let their kids play with. The good and branded ones usually have specific tags that inform the parent if the toy is indeed appropriate for a child his or her age.
  • Does it aid in the development of motor skills? Developmental toys are used to serve as tools for doctors to determine a child’s mental and psychological well-being during the toddler age. Most of these types of toys are now available in the market and carried by most of the well-known brands of toys. Toys that help develop a child’s motor skills are those that usually encourage sitting, standing, walking or even just holding out things. Examples of these are walkers that also turn into riders, soft blocks, hoops and pole toys.
  • Does it help your child develop mental skills? Most models found and offered by different brands of toys in the toy store have both audio and visual features through various lights and sounds. Many now offer toys with ABCs and 123 recordings while others feature popular nursery rhymes as sounds. A lot of these toys also come with matching glittery and colourful lights that help catch the toddler’s short attention.

Some wooden toys also present different colours and shapes. These advanced toddler toys are designed to help your kid easily memorize the songs and recordings as well as to teach your child how to identify and distinguish one colour or shape from another.

Wooden rabbits are one of those classic toddler toys that are not only fun & educational but also great to pass down for generations.

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