34+ Best Wooden Toys For 2-Year-Olds (2022)

If you are considering shopping for wooden play toys for your 2 years old children, you are likely to have lots of fun. There are many wood toys to cover all ages of kids and the large variety of learning toys available for each age segment can make toy shopping a largely fun-filled activity.

Every two-year-old learns through toys, but before you buy any baby and infant toys, it is crucial to read the toy reviews to find out how the toy will impact your child’s development and also to ensure that the toy is completely safe in the hands of the baby.

Wooden Toy With Hammer

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✅ Best Wooden Hammering And Pounding Toys

Puzzle early education – When children are addicted to various games on the elephant bus, they also exercise refined motor skills, hand-eye coordination, rapid reaction skills, and logical thinking skills, and can well promote muscle development And healthy growth.

Wooden Toy With Sticks And Wheels

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✅ Best Unicorn Stick Horse with Wood Wheels

Just Magical! – Handcrafted sequin unicorn head and a sturdy wooden stick with wheels on the bottom; Nurture kids’ practical ability, and develop their balance; A good helper for parent-child interaction

Wooden Zig Zag Toy

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✅ Best Zig Zag Gliding Cars Wood Ramp

ENTERTAINING AND LEARNING TODDLE TOY -This toddler race track is a simple and well-built toy. invisibly encourage the development of your toddler’s hand-eye coordination and attention span. Also, encourages toddlers to cooperate and take turns to play their own race cars on the toddler race track.

Wooden Toy In Doctors Office

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✅ Best Doctor Kits For Kids

CUTE WOODEN TOYS STURDY & SAFE – This doctor’s playset is very cute, the bright colors are perfect for boys and girls to enjoy. The wooden pieces are made of high-quality wood, smooth and durable even tossed and thrown around! BPA-free, stained with non-toxic water-based paint, fully tested to the ASTM meets the US toy standard.

Classic Wooden Toys

✅ Check These Best Classic Wooden Toys For Boys & Girls ==> Click the images below to see the price and dimension options on Amazon.

Wooden Toy Tool Set Unit

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✅ Best Wooden Construction Bench Toy

Toy Workbench – This wooden workbench includes a hammer, saw, screwdriver, wrench, vise, screws, nuts, bolts, gears, links, and more creative parts for building. Kids can work together for hours, This is a fun process that develops your little one’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Wooden Toy Sword

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✅ Best Wooden Swords For Kids

NATURAL & ECO-FRIENDLY – This wooden sword set is made using eco-friendly, natural without using any harmful chemicals, colors, plastics, or anything else that can be harmful to your little ones. There is no exception when it comes to quality.

Wooden Toy Soldiers

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✅ Best Wooden Nutcracker Soldier Toy

GREAT DESIGN – These decorative nutcrackers are made of high-quality wood, making them not only attractive but also very durable; Additionally, they’re painted and decorated by hand for a one-of-a-kind look.

Wooden Toy Yoyo

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✅ Best Wooden Yoyos For Kids

Wonderful yoyo – So much fun, has a nice feel in the hand and You Will be very satisfied with how smooth it goes.

Wooden Toy Wagon

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✅ Best Wooden Cargo Push Walker Wagon For Children

DUAL USE – Kinderfeets cargo walker serves as both a storage wagon for toys and stuffed friends and a walker for newly mobile children.

Wooden Toy Vanity Set

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✅ Best Wooden Makeup Kit For Little Girl

HIGH-QUALITY WOODEN MATERIAL – The Kids Makeup Kit toy is made of natural wood and painted with environmentally friendly waterborne paint for wood. They are sturdy and durable without any burr on the surface.

Wooden Toy House

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✅ Best Wooden Toy Dollhouse

PORTABLE WOODEN DOLLHOUSE – The Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Dollhouse is a portable wooden dollhouse that features working doors and includes 11 pieces of wooden furniture as well as 2 dolls.

Wooden Toy House Outdoor

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✅ Best Wooden Model Kit Garden House

Home Sweet Home – It was fun putting this wooden model together. The thickness of the pieces was just right. Along with the sheerness. Plus you can see the warmth in the final product when the home is completed.

==> See more ideas for outdoor wooden toys!

Wooden Toy High Chair

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✅ Best Wooden Toy Role Play Doll High Chair

BEAUTIFULLY CONSTRUCTED RETRO STYLE – A vintage style high chair with ‘turned’ wooden legs to give immense charm. Scaled for dolls and soft toys up to 30 cm. Kids love playing together with this bright and colorful scenario and role play baby doll high chair! As it encourages creative imagination, social and language development, as well as developing color recognition stimulating your little one’s imagination.

Wooden Toy Axe

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✅ Best Wooden Toy Axe Hatchet

Giftable play axes – Looked just like we expected a wooden axe to look. Unfortunately, one of the axes broke upon impact with a tree! Good for epoxy!!. One got painted, thank you, love the axe.

Wooden Toy Activity Cube

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✅ Best Wooden Activity Cube

TONS OF LITTLE THINGS FOR 1-YEAR-OLD TO PLAY WITH – The fact that this activity cube toy for a 1-year-old girl is 7-in-1 means it has up to 7 activities including peek-a-boo doors, clock with moveable hands, spin wheel with peg, sliding animals, spinning gears, digital animal flip board and wire and bead play. This activity cube toy will keep them busy with the multiple sides of play as well as the different animal friends.

Wooden Toy Is Made By Scooping

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✅ Best Mini Wooden Scoops Toy

Improve your self-care skill – the sensory tools are full of details and are similar to the real tableware, which can bring you real-life-based fun and a sense of accomplishment when you learn how to pour, dump, and scoop.

Wooden Toy Phone

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✅ Best Beech Wood Toddler Cell Phone

Beautifully made, lovely toy! – Love this. Perfect for little fingers and little ears! The sounds the phone makes are very cute, not too loud and not too annoying! The best one is the clock button that makes a cuckoo clock sound. Beautifully made, the wood is very tactile and well finished. A nice simple wooden toy.

Wooden Toy Puzzles

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✅ Best Toddler Puzzles And Rack Set

TODDLER PUZZLES WITH STORAGE RACK – WOOD CITY Peg Puzzle Sets includes 6 pack wooden puzzles of different themes as well as a puzzle shelf to keep the wood puzzles within easy reach and maintain your playroom tidy by this metal puzzle rack.

Wooden Toy Musket

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✅ Best Wooden Toy Musket

High quality – These are just value-priced parade rifles. Easy to carry. Your arm isn’t cramping after marching in a parade. They are not the best but they get the job done and you don’t have to worry about keeping them under lock and key. One came with the barrel mounted upside down but this was easily fixed by removing one screw and twisting the barrel so the front sight was facing up.

Wooden Toy Mailbox

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✅ Best Wooden Mailbox Activity Set

WOODEN MAILBOX ACTIVITY SET – The Own Mailbox Activity Set is a sturdy wooden mailbox with a bright red flag, hinged door, and roomy interior. This classic set includes letter and number stickers, 2 reusable postcards, a reusable ruled letter and envelope, and wipe-clean crayons.

Wooden Toy Makeup Set

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✅ Best Wooden Beauty Makeup Salon Toys For Girls

12 PIECE MAKEUP SET – UMU wooden playset cosmetics accessories include a Foundation Box with Perfume, Bottle, Lipstick, Comb, Wooden Stick, Makeup Box, Hair Dryer, Lipstick, MirrorBelt and 2 Nail Polish Bottle.

Wooden Toy Katana

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✅ Best Handmade Wooden Katana Sword

Perfect – Toy swords provide your children with a fun way to play. These are designed to look like realistic gear and help develop the creativity of your little ones while making sure they have fun.

Wooden Toy Rocket

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✅ Best PlanToys Stacking Rocket With Astronaut

Yes, buy it! – Love it! Such good value for the money! Start out just by sorting and matching. Then when they get hang of that show them the building up. It’s then like two toys in one!

Wooden Toy Littlewood

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✅ Best Wooden Educational Balancing Activities Toy

Perfect for Operation Christmas Child – This is a super cute set of blocks for older toddlers (age 2.5 and up). The smaller pieces definitely pose a choking hazard for younger kiddos. So, if you have a little one who loves to put things in his or her mouth please find something else to give them.

Wooden Toy You Can’t Knock Down

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✅ Best Preschool Wooden Hammering Pounding Toys

Nice wooden toy – The toy is cute, all wood, nice colors and well put together but the places where wood was cut are not very accurate and edges haven’t been smoothed properly, it’s important when babies play with it.

Wooden Toy Yards

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✅ Best Wooden Rail Shipping Container Yard

Fabulous product and good service – There are not many sets with ships and this one can combine with containers used by standard trains and that was the reason why took this one. There are other sets but they have their own containers that are compatible with other trains.

Wooden Watering Can Toy

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✅ Best Indoor Garden Pretend Play

Cute Gift – One of the most important growth developments for children is the brain. Especially for the first three years of a baby’s life, it is crucial for babies to develop their brains properly. With all the sense that the little one experiences; it will shape the functions of their brain. Learning the gardening vocabulary enhances children’s development of memory and can aid longer memory skills.

Wooden Toy Iron

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✅ Awesome little laundry set!

The size is perfect so realistic. – It comes with a small laundry basket, a bottle of “laundry detergent” and a “softener”. It also comes with a box of dryer sheets that actually opens with individual sheets that your child can put in with their dryer load. It has an awesome little to-do list and a spray bottle that actually works. You can put water in it and they can “treat stains” just like you do! ????

I love Melissa and Doug’s toys! They are high quality and so important for our children’s imagination development.

Wooden Toy Is In The Form Of A Cone Surmounted

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✅ Best Wooden Waffle Ice Cream Cone

Fun and eco-friendly – Size, shape, color and material suitable for small children. Well made, the Velcro makes them versatile. Excellent value for money.

Wooden Toy Is In The Shape Of A Cone

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✅ Best Learning Resources Geometric Solids, Wooden Shapes

Hardwood geometric solids – The geometric solids are assorted correctly and have basic shapes in a few variations. For example, there are two pyramids that differ a lot from each other, and two cylinders of different lengths, etc. the sizes are very appropriate for children 3 years of age and older. They are just right for grasp and manual exploration.

Wooden Learning Toys For 2 Year Olds

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✅ Best TOP BRIGHT Toddler Toys For 1 or 2-Year-Old 

Well made and sturdy – Well-designed game for a toddler. The cars are brightly colored. Everything is well made of wood. The cars’ bearings make them very fast. The cars are small enough to fit inside a baby’s mouth, though, and maybe a swallowing hazard for younger children. For older toddlers, this is a fun activity.

Wooden Toy Kitchen For 2 Year Old

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✅ Best Wooden Play Food For Kids Kitchen

Very good purchase! – These were of excellent quality. Solid, brightly painted, strong magnets hold the pieces together well, easy to “chop” for a toddler, and he just loves this set.

Solid Wooden Toy Is In The Form Of Hemisphere

Wooden toys for kids are not mere playthings, but an important source of development at every stage in a child’s life. For instance, do any of your children show any particular interest in music? If yes, then you will have a large variety of musical toys to choose from that will help enhance his musical skills. Maybe the musical toys will help bring out the musical prodigy.

What are age-specific toys?

Irrespective of the different ages of your children, you are bound to find toys that are right for your baby’s age, whether you are looking for indoor and outdoor toys. Age-specific toys are designed to match the level of development of your child at each stage and to help further enhance their learning.

Consider this, just in the segment of toys for the age below 5 years, there are numerous categories such as newborn baby toys, stroller toys, pre-school children toys, popular toys, and gifts like Toddler Toys.

Why does two years old need wooden toys?

Toys are the constant companions of children from a very young age. Top wooden toys have a great educational impact on the development of a child’s cognitive, social and physical skills. Wood toys not only provide entertainment to the child but also encourage healthy overall development. Playing with wooden toys helps them make decisions, find solutions to problems, and exert control over their surroundings.

What are the different types of wooden development toys?

Child development wooden toys are the tools that foster the development of childhood thoughts, fantasies, and creativity. Playing creates a strong foundation for learning and satiates the child’s urge for exploration and discovery. In fact, studies have confirmed that the greater the interaction with learning games and objects at a young age, the more will be the number of active nerve cells in the brain.

  • Wooden puzzles, memory games, matching, and sequencing games, and number games help promote cognitive and numeration skills in children. They will be able to exercise their reasoning abilities and hone the skills that are extremely important at a later age. Moreover, it has also been proved that puzzles and memory games prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in old age.
  • Dramatic wood play toys like cars, dolls, and kitchen wares, encourage the growth of imaginative powers in a child and allow him/ her to experiment with different materials. Play doughs, paints, and blocks provide unlimited opportunities, giving the child the freedom to create his/ her imaginary world.
  • When your child is a little older, wooden development toys should include large balls, climbers, planks, slides, and bicycles. Just like puzzles, blocks, and small toys helped the growth of small muscles in the body, these help in the development of larger muscles. Children need tremendous physical activity to keep themselves engaged. Running around, jumping, cycling, swimming, are all physical activities and help utilize the child’s energy. It is extremely important to let small children indulge in such activities as they play a vital role in both the physical and mental development of the child.
  • Children’s needs vary with their age, and as your child grows older, he/ she will grow out of the childhood toys too. At a slightly more mature age, wooden board games like chess, scrabble and domino become interesting as they help the child exercise analytical and strategic skills.

How to choose the best wooden development toys for your 2 years old?

While purchasing the best wooden development toys for your child, it is important to keep in mind your child’s age and physical and mental capabilities. For example, while a beads game may develop hand-eye coordination in children, if a particular child has some inherent problem with this coordination, it will only aggravate the frustration and disappointment in him/ her. So the development toys should not only be safe and in keeping with the child’s developmental age but should also not be a deterrent in the building of self-confidence.

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