7+ Best Wooden Toys & Games For 5-Year-Olds (Gift Guide For 2022 Birthday & Christmas)

Those toys which are as basic as blocks are regarded as learning toys. Actually, when the 5 years old kids will start playing with them, they will develop skills and an aptitude for mathematics. While playing the game they will understand the basic principles of mathematics.

As a guardian, you should always concentrate on the positive effect of wooden toys. The positive effects include the learning aspect of the wooden toy, the physical and mental enrichment that it can bring about in your 5 years old child, and also the amusement that it will offer.

Wooden Marble Run Construction

Such a wooden construction toy is perfect for encouraging children’s creativity, problem-solving capabilities and teamwork skills, while also aiding their STEAM development. The game allows for quality time for the whole family to play together and enhances parent-child interaction and bonding.

Construction type of wooden toy can be fun and engaging, it can come with straight and curved rails, high-velocity funnels, red double-sided rocker, accelerators, blocks, levelers, bases and lots of marbles.

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✅ Best Hape Wooden Quadrilla Marble Construction Challenger

Great products. Made of solid wood and the cut … – Great products. Made of solid wood and the cut is precise enough to go to more 3 feet high. Some models in the instruction book are as this high. The best part of it is you can build as you want after learning the simple basics, such as the tracks should be level.

Wooden Puzzles

There are certain toys that teach a child to solve puzzles. This is extremely nice for your kids. They can learn new tactics to solve various puzzles on various topics.

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✅ Best Wooden Pattern Blocks Geometric Shape Puzzle

Feeds their creativity! – There are more than enough pieces for at least 4 kids to play with at the same time. It comes with a drawstring back and a another resealable plastic bag for storing the cards and pieces.

Magnetic Wooden Block Set

This wooden block set is perfect for those who are looking for something that is both attractive and supports open-ended and unscripted play. It can help a child’s development in the following aspects over time through play:

  • Enhanced fine motor skills
  • Pattern recognition
  • Balance
  • Sense of scale
  • Imaginative play
  • Problem solving
  • Storytelling

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✅ Best Magnetic Wooden Block Set

Perfect for exercising imaginations – These blocks are much more expensive than other magnetic blocks. However, they are amazing!! Your son loves them!! The paint is high quality and hasn’t chipped in a year of playing with them. All sides are magnetic. Awesome toy!!

Wood Busy Cube

The busy cube helps the child learn about life and practice basic skills in advance. There are many different gameplay combinations such as fingertip spiral, spring latch, one-way switch, universal wheel, anti-theft safety lock, rotating screw, faucet switch.

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✅ Best Busy Cube For Kids

Close to real life – When the child takes the busy board in his hand, the combination of organs touched by the child is the same as in real life. It not only allows the child to understand life in advance, but also learns and practices basic switching skills at their own pace while playing to make life easier. It’s easier. The color of the busy board rotating screw is sent randomly.

Wooden Alphabet Tracing Board

An alphabet tracing board helps to promote fine motor control and hand-eye coordination as well as handwriting. The grooves on the toy provide a form to practice hand-eye coordination and control hand movement. This can help with writing ABCs and alphabet recognition and formation.

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✅ Best Wooden Letters Practicing Board

Letter Board Tracing – The gently engraved curved grooves provide a form to practice hand-eye coordination using real-world challenges. Helps with controlling the hand movement and muscle memory for writing ABCs and alphabet recognition and formation them.

Wood Lacing Toys

The lacing toys comprise laces of various colors. The toddler is required to lace the shoes properly. A certain amount of intelligence is also required in this game. Therefore, while your kid practices this game, his IQ will go up.

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✅ Best Wooden Threading Toy For Kids 

WOODEN LACING TOYS FOR KIDS– Fun thread toy set for your kids that includes 1 apple, 1 watermelon and 1 cheese lace up toys that can help develop the lacing and sewing skills of your baby. A perfect educational toys for toddler with a storage bag that you can use to put the wooden toys and bring it anywhere you want. It also has an additional fruits sticker for your kids to enjoy.

Wooden Bath Toys

A five-year-old kid loves wooden bath toys, and they are special because they are durable and can be played with for a long time compared to plastic bath toys. Kids enjoy the water games while taking a bath. These games require a certain amount of intelligence. The kids would simply like them.

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✅ Best PlanToys Wooden Submarine Bath Toy

An incredibly well made bath toy – With the PlanToys bath toys, everything is open and waterproof which allows water to dry and not pool. Plus, it’s just an awesome, sturdy toy.

There are plenty of kids toys are available on the market. No matter which age group you are buying for, there are endless toy options for all age groups. The key is to find a safe, affordable, and good-quality toy. Quality is vital when buying toys like metal trucks, which last years and are normally passed down through the generations. On the other hand, if you buy a plastic truck it may only last for a year if you’re lucky! It’s important you purchase quality and safe toys from reputable retailers like Zsuaro, which have become a trusted retailer over the years.

Consumers have the right to demand excellence from toy manufacturers. Choosing a good quality product must be your priority. When choosing kids’ toys also consider buying a toy that can help your child’s mind grow and develop. Toys like blocks, crafts, art supplies, and puzzles, etc will assist in the mental development of your child’s mind.

Safety is one more factor you should consider when purchasing toys. Use the internet to search for toys and see feedback from other parents on forums and message boards. The internet is a quick way to find positive or negative feedback, but make sure the feedback is “independent” and not from a toy manufacturer or supplier. Plus always look at the sharp edges on toys as they may cause harm to your children.

You should choose a wooden toy with respect to your children’s age and interests. Better to buy a toy that can introduce new skills to your 5 years old child, these toys may not necessarily be educational. It’s a good idea to purchase a wooden toy which can impart fun as well as can teach your child new skills.

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