Best Wooden Ride On Toys For Toddlers (2021 Guide)

The joys of riding toddler toys

Like rocking toddler toys, riding toddler toys can also account for endless hours of fun for your little one. Riding toys give toddlers a sense of movement and allow them to imitate the adults around them. Apart from this riding toddler toys provide toddlers with exercise and helps them improve skills like balance and coordination.

Types of riding toddler toys

There are basically two types of riding toys: the motorised / battery operated kinds and the pedalling kind. For toddlers between the age of 1 and 3, the pedalling kind would make the most sense. It might be a bit of a challenge to get a pedalling toddler toy for a 1-year-old, but it is not entirely impossible. Pedalling toys today come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The tricycle is probably the most common of them all, followed by the toy car. Today you will even find pedal fire trucks, tractors, planes and golf carts.

Hape ride on toys

Wooden toddler ride on car

Wooden scooter for toddlers

Wooden toddler bike

Wooden rocking horse

Wooden scoot around

Wooden balance bike

Wooden smooth rider

Baby wooden car

Wooden tricycle

Wooden truck toy

Brief pointers on buying riding toddler toys

The first and the most important thing that a parent needs to keep in mind while buying a child a riding toddler toy is the child’s age. Linked to this factor are several other factors that determine the kind of riding toddler toys that you should be buying your child.

The first thing that you will need to consider is the shape and size of the toy. Toddler toys need to be in proportion and appropriate to the child’s size and age. For a smaller child, the width of the vehicle will also matter as the wider the vehicle the easier it will be for the child to balance it.

The second aspect that one needs to consider while buying a riding toddler toy is the actual operation of the vehicle.

Since riding toys are available both in the battery-operated type as well as pedal type, the age of your child will determine what kind you pick up. Battery operated riding toys are appropriate for children who are much older. The third aspect you might want to look into is the resemblance of the toy to its real-life counterpart. The more realistic the toy is the more your child will love it.

Safe pedalling for riding toddler toys

Now that you’ve got the perfect pedalling toy for your child, here are some safety tips that you might want to observe:

  • Ensure safe driving. Keep your child away from uneven surfaces like slopes etc. Always ensure that the riding toddler toy is used on a flat and hard surface.
  • Using the pedalling toy outdoors must be done only under adult supervision and only on the sidewalks. You will want to watch out for that occasional neighbour backing his car out of his driveway in a hurry.
  • Encourage the child to wear a safety helmet while using the toy outdoors.
  • Make sure that no one (especially another child) is pushing the pedal toy while your child is driving it, this could lead to fatal accidents.
  • Always ensure that your child is wearing shoes while using a riding toddler toy and that these shoes are fastened appropriately. Toes and laces can get tangled in the pedals causing accidents.

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