How To Make Wooden Educational Handmade Toys? (DIY Plans)

When you are a parent you have to deal with a universal nightmare: your kids are watching TV or browsing some magazines and find the latest trends in toys of all kinds, asking you to buy them. They always want the latest and biggest toys, which accidentally happen to be really expensive as well. You can probably follow their demands for some time but at some point, their cost and expenses can get completely out of your control and hand. There is a good and fun solution to that. You can create completely on your own wooden toys to cover all ages of kids.

Yes, you can and it is actually something that many people do nowadays. It is not only cost-effective but it is also fun and can prove to be a very enjoyable group activity, as you can work on them along with your kids; not only you will make a variety of baby and infant wooden toys, or some for bigger kids as well but you will also teach them some very interesting techniques and improve their creativity and craftsmanship. If you do so you will soon figure out that some of the most fun and educational wooden toys are really made by parents.

If you mastered the skill, you can even sell your wood toys!

Wooden toys you can make

What you can make? Pretty much everything depends on the level of your expertise and your own abilities: wooden blocks, forts, even electronics, and a variety of Music wooden toys if you are up to some circuits and engineering. You can make an array of play toys, according to your kids’ taste and needs, spending just a small fraction of what you would normally spend if buying the wooden toys.

Wooden toy to make

I am preparing wooden toy making plans & patterns for the following, but time is limited. Contact me to let me know which one do you want to see first?

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  • how to make wooden toy cars
  • how to make wooden toy truck
  • how to make wooden toy boat
  • how to make a wooden toy boat that floats
  • how to make a wooden toy car that moves
  • wooden toy jeep plans
  • wooden toy helicopter plans
  • wooden toy gun template
  • wooden toy excavator plans
  • wooden toy airplane plans
  • DIY wooden xylophone
  • DIY handmade wooden toy box plans
  • how to make wooden toys that move

What are wooden toys made of?

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How to make wooden toy labels?

How to make wooden toy junction?

How to make wooden toy joints?

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